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premium outfitter gradeTM

"Ed, you may be getting tired of seeing all these photos of my successful hunts. This big guy came right into 20 yards with your call. Sceery elk calls have consistently proved to be the best for calling big bulls in real close. Thanks for making such great products and keep up the good work." — Tracy Hardy, PSE Archery


America’s #1 Elk Calls!
(US Patent - Sceery)

Dr. Ed Sceery is the original inventor of these patented, bite-down style elk calls. They have proven to be the most effective ever made and have become the high quality standard for hunting elk with rifle or bow. They are strikingly effective for calling both bulls and cows into very close range. And, after calling an elk in close, a short note on any ACE call will most always get him to stop and turn broadside for an easy shot. For 10,000 big reasons, most western outfitters and guides carry and rely on the ACE line of Premium Outfitter GradeTM, Sceery elk calls.

Each fine call is fitted with a durable lanyard, bite band, and are made with soft, rugged, quiet camo barrels that produce unmatched sound characteristics.

Hold them in your hand and you’ll feel the difference...
Take them afield and you’ll SEE the difference Sceery Elk Calls make.