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What our Hunters Say

"We had a great deer hunt this season. I took a nice 6 point, but more important to me was that my 15 year old son took a much larger buck with his bow. It was the first time he took a bigger buck than me and he called it right in with your deer calls. He couldn’t believe it. The buck came right in after he blew on it. Your calls worked just like you said they would! Thanks.” — T.M., Missouri

“I practiced my calls and watched your videos with a passion. It worked! Hey, thanks people for such fine products!” — P.C., Pennsylvania

“Thanks for making the call of a lifetime.” — M.S., Kentucky

“I want you to know of my satisfaction with your predator calls. I had been calling predators for about 9 years in the upper peninsula of Michigan without much success, until I started using your products. We’ve started to have great luck with coyotes, fox and recently got a 40 pound bobcat! We attribute our much improved success to your calls.” — W.L., Michigan

“My hunting partner and I had heard about predator calling and tried it a few times without much luck. After getting your videos and learning how to use your calls, our luck really changed. Now we’re the experts around here! Thanks for all your help and for making such great coyote calls."

P.S. We don’t tell anybody where we hunt or what kind of calls we use. We don’t want any competition.”
— M.B., Ohio

“I recently purchased a set of calls from you. What an unbelievable set of calls. Because of your ‘how-to’ videos along with the calls, I was totally successful on my hunt.” — R.C., California

“I’d like to order a new set of calls. Some S.O.B. broke into my jeep and stole my set of SCEERY CALLS! You produce the very best products on the market. They are truly professional hunting tools. If you want to call predators, use SCEERY CALLS!” — P.M., Utah